How to play a round of beetle drive

Beetle Drives are simple and family friendly. To run a beetle drive / play a round of beetle follow these simple steps

Playing Beetle

  1. Select a beetle game sheet to play

    We have 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 rounds of beetle sheets to download for free.
    Pick the right size game for your event

  2. Seat your players at their tables

    Ideally you want 4 – 6 players at each table. Try to make your tables as even as possible as the less players there are at a table the better chance they have of calling beetle

  3. Round Starts

    The event starter shouts go and the round begins.
    Players take it in turn to throw a dice and try to draw their beetle.
    More details about beetle drawing rules
    Once one player has completed a beetle they shout beetle and everyone in the room stops.

  4. Round End

    As the game has stopped everyone counts the scores on their own beetle for that round and puts their score into the scoring grid at the bottom of the sheet.

  5. Players Move

    To keep the players moving around the room, on each table
    The person with the highest score moves clockwise
    The person with the lowest score moves anti-clockwise

  6. Repeat for number of rounds being played

    Depending how many rounds your are playing, keep repeating steps 3-5 until all rounds have been completed

  7. Overall winner

    When all rounds have been completed get all players to add up their total round scores.
    Whoever has the most points is the overall winner of the event