Fundraising with a Beetle Drive

A beetle drive is a great fun, family friendly, fundraiser. They are simple to run on the evening and done correctly there are multiple ways of raising some money.

How do raise money at a beetle drive

  1. Entry Fee

    Charge every person an entry fee for the beetle drive
    The fees should cover all the prize you are going to give out during the event then leave plenty of profit

  2. Raffle at the event

    Ask people to bring something to donate to a raffle. A bottle of wine, box of chocolates, cuddly toy.
    By asking for donations all raffle ticket sales are profit

  3. Half Time Refreshments

    Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks, Cakes, Biscuits, and chocolates for sale at half time are a wonderful way of making a bit more money.
    By doing a half time break it also gives you an opportunity to sell more raffle tickets.